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    Carole is an artist of wide ranging technical abilities and dedicated vision as well as  an effective communicator who is able to poignantly share insights about her work with others. Her paintings of natural environments demonstrate Carole’s sensitivity to the unique character of her surroundings. Such is the nature of her working progress that she can distill the elements of a given subject through the specific qualities of different media in a way that divulges some new realm of knowledge in each iteration. Whether it be in the loose, intuitive, interpretations she renders in pastel and watercolor, or the complex structures of her silk paintings, Carole’s  artwork  offers much for the viewer to discover. It is this kind of platform of discovery which is at the heart of Carole’s identity as an artist. She embodies the balance between the solitary, reflective creative and the engaged, articulate, mentor.                         …Chris Albert


    I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University in New Haven, CT. and my undergraduate school was The Cooper Union in New York. As a Fulbright Scholar to Venice, Italy I studied Byzantine architecture and mosaics. A Fulbright Memorial Grant to Japan gave me the opportunity to satisfy a life long interest in oriental art and culture. I am a published author and illustrator of children’s books and my artwork is in syndication on the “Sesame Street “ TV series. I see art in all of its manifestations in the role of social imperative. My painting “Venus Revisited” was included in the book “ArtRageous” (published by Chronicle Press)  raising awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. I am passionate about environmental conservation and have been the recording artist on Conservation International and Earthwatch Expeditions around the world. 

 I recently retired from my position as Chair of Fine Arts at a private school in Westchester, N.Y. and spent September as the artist in residence at The North Rim of The Grand Canyon. It was a sublime experience in an awesome landscape. These experiences speak to my soul and inform my art whether l am working with pastels, paint, clay or glass. My life as an artist has been a journey inspired by my reverence for nature and my respect for human cultures.


 Interview with artist Carole Bonicelli

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